Charcoal House

A long time iconic La Mesa Restaurant gets a face lift under new ownership.

The Process

The process of branding and logo design requires understanding the customers market, what they do, a full competitive analysis as well as determining what competing brands do and how we can make your brand stand out. For Charcoal House, this was a 35+ year established property that was under completely new ownership with a new Mediterranean fusion menu. We started by delivering six design comps to the owners (in black and white).

Revision Phase

Once the client has chosen the main logo, often they will want to merge some of the elements from other designs together to make the best comp. In this case, they not only fell in love with Comp 1, but also wanted a secondary type font as an alternate design. The result were these two final logo comps.

Color Process

Once we have a basic design, it's time to add some color. In the final comps below we used a gradient with red and orange. The third comp we did in 3D so the client could see how their new brand would be executed with a light box type building signage. 
Exterior Patio Enclosure


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